At Heather Bryan Law, we are dedicated to serving you. We will  fight to protect your rights and provide you with the highest quality representation.  Whether we are advocating for you during your criminal case or family law case, we will help find the best path to resolution for you.  

Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing a criminal charge affects your life in every way.  Your livelihood, family, and good name are all affected. It is important that you have an attorney who will compassionately stand beside you and protect your rights.  At Heather Bryan Law, we will help you understand the charges, your rights, and develop a comprehensive defense personalized for you.  We will aggressively defend your criminal charges before and after trial.  Call today for your free and confidential criminal consultation.  


Misdemeanors are crimes punishable by up to a year in county jail.  You can also be placed on probation, or a combination of both jail and probation, not exceeding a year.  While a misdemeanor is not as serious as a felony, you can still be adjudicated guilty, which can prevent you from sealing or expunging your record. 

If you are facing a misdemeanor charge, you have options.  At Heather Bryan Law, we can prepare your case for trial or negotiate a plea.  There are also pretrial diversion programs available, depending upon eligibility, where upon successful completion no conviction will be entered.  Call us today to discuss your options. 


Felonies are serious crimes that are punishable by more than a year in prison.  If convicted, you can lose valuable civil liberties.  Felonies vary in degree, but usually fall into one of three categories: first degree, second degree, or third degree.  There are many statutory enhancements and mandatory-minimum sentencing structures that can be confusing.  If charged with a felony with statutory enhancements or mandatory minimum sentencing structures, it is imperative that you have an aggressive attorney on your side protecting your rights.

If you are facing a felony charge, you have options.  At Heather Bryan Law, we can prepare your case for trial.  When appropriate, we will seek to suppress evidence and pursue reduced bail.  If it is in your best interest and warranted, we will seek a plea agreement.  Contact Heather Bryan Law today to discuss your options. 

Finding a Family Law Attorney

At Heather Bryan Law, we understand that a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can face. This is especially true when children are involved.  Each case is unique.  We will meet with you and develop a plan to meet your individual needs and protect your rights.  Prolonged litigation comes with risk, great monetary expense, and a toll of emotions. Our goal is to meet your objectives and protect your rights through negotiation. However, we are always ready to fight for you in trial if necessary.  We will provide you with zealous, representation.  

If you have questions about your family law case, contact us, or call 863-825-5309, to set up a consultation.   


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