Collaborative divorce

Collaborative divorce is an alternative approach to conventional divorce, which reduces hostility, time, and expense. The goal is to resolve differences in a fair and equitable manner without resorting to the threat of litigation in the courts. Collaborative divorce also allows the couple to have control over the outcome of their divorce, instead of leaving final decision in the hands of the court.


"I want to leave your family in a healthier place than when I found you. Collaborative divorce can help.”

Heather Bryan


  • Reduces stress of litigation

  • Parties control the outcome

  • Privacy

  • A plan/resolution that works for your family

  • Less expensive than litigation

  • Often times the couple learns great communication skills to become great co-parents

If you are facing a divorce, I’d like to talk to you about collaborative divorce to see if it is an option for your family. Please contact us online or call us at (863) 825-5309 for a consultation with Lakeland Family Law Attorney Heather Bryan regarding your rights.