Child Time-Sharing and Parental Responsibility Attorney

Nothing matters more than the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of your children.  As a divorced parent herself, Attorney Heather Bryan has lived first-hand through the challenges of negotiating a parenting plan.  Heather empathizes with her clients and shares their belief that children are the number one priority in a family law matter.  And, at Heather Bryan Law, we do not apply a "one-size-fits-all" approach to parenting plans.  We can help you resolve the agonizing decisions as to how children will share time with each of parent following a divorce or other family law matter.


"I understand how a parent feels going through a case where time-sharing is at issue.  I will use my experience to help guide you through the process with compassion and fight for you to protect your rights."  



Heather Bryan

Time-sharing Litigation

If you are not able to reach an agreement concerning time-sharing, Heather Bryan is ready, willing, and able to take your case to court.  Heather has experience advocating for clients at trial.  And, she understands the legal factors and proof necessary to prevail in a Polk County child time-sharing case.  The goal in every case is to reach an agreement on parenting issues, but there are many cases where the other parent's own hurt over the situation prevents them from making a decision for the best interest of the child.  In these cases, the court has to make a decision for the Child.  That's when you need a trial lawyer who can bring out the truth in a custody dispute and put on your best case.

Representing the Responsible Parent

Litigating issues of time-sharing and parental responsibility requires skill, even when you represent the parent who does everything right for the children.  Significant challenges arise where substantial time-sharing or unsupervised time-sharing with one parent may present a risk of harm to the child. In certain cases, a parent comes under fire for refusing to allow equal time-sharing with a parent that lacks equal parenting skills.  If you are the parent seeking majority time-sharing, Heather will showcase your skills as a parent.  And, she can advocate why the children are better served being with the better parent.

Father's Rights

There are certainly a lot of cases where the mother is the better parent.  But, unfortunately there are also many cases where a child deserves substantial time with his or her father, and the mother wrongfully stands in the way.  She plays the unjustifiable role of "gatekeeper," preventing the children from enjoying a meaningful relationship with their father.  Or worse, she engages in "parental alienation," which causes significant harm to the relationship between the children and their father.  In these cases, a mother's actions are driven by her own pain or anger from the relationship rather than any motivation concerning the best interests of the children.

In cases where the mother is playing gatekeeper and or engaging in parental alienation, the father needs an attorney who will protect his rights and the children from these unfortunate practices. Nothing in the law says that all fathers should automatically have equal time-sharing.  But, nor does the law give any inherent advantage to the mother.  Under the law, courts are required to weigh the merits of each party based on the parenting factors, the child or children, the family history, and conduct of each parent.

If your rights as a father have been wrongfully compromised by selfishness, gatekeeping, or parental alienation, contact a Lakeland Father's rights attorney with the skills, compassion, and will to protect you.

Defending the Accused

Conversely, if you have been accused - wrongfully or otherwise - of shortcomings or mistakes as a parent, Heather Bryan has the compassion necessary to fight for you.  As a public defender, Heather was recognized for her success defending scores of individuals charged by overly aggressive law enforcement.  If Heather Bryan can fight the power of the government, the state attorney's office, and Polk County law enforcement in a jury trial over an individual's freedom and liberty, she can certainly handle your ex in a dispute over time-sharing or parental responsibility.  Very few mistakes that a parent makes will result in supervised time-sharing or a termination of parental rights.

If you are facing a divorce, child custody case, parenting plan evaluation, or custody modification in Lakeland or anywhere in Polk County, please contact us online or call us at (863) 825-5309 for a consultation with Lakeland Family Law Attorney Heather Bryan regarding your rights.