Alimony Attorney

Certain decisions in life have permanent consequences.  Alimony can be one of them.  Regardless of whether you are the party paying alimony, or are the one who will be receiving it, the decisions made in family court impact you for many years to come. 

The battle over alimony requires that your lawyer have a unique combination of skills: litigation readiness; procedural know-how; financial sophistication; and an understanding of how people structure their affairs to maximize their claim or minimize their potential liability. 

Depending on your particular circumstances, this may be a fight you cannot avoid.  And, if you have to go through an alimony case, you need a strong advocate.

A seasoned trial lawyer, Attorney Heather Bryan can help you achieve the right result in your case. After successfully trying high-stakes cases, Heather also understands how an alimony battle can play out in a Polk County courtroom.  


"I understand the importance of financial matters in a family case. Simply put, money counts. Trust an attorney who will be a strong advocate on your behalf."

Heather Bryan

Types of Alimony

Transitional or “Bridge the Gap” Alimony may be awarded to assist a spouse in transitioning from being married to being single.  It is designed to assist with identifiable short-term needs not to exceed two years.  

Rehabilitative Alimony may be awarded to assist a spouse in becoming financially self-supporting by re-developing previous skills or acquiring new employment skills.  The spouse requesting rehabilitative alimony most present a specific and definable rehabilitative plan.  This type of alimony may be modified based upon a substantial change in circumstances or non-compliance with the rehabilitative plan.

Durational Alimony: The purpose of durational alimony is to provide economic assistance for a fixed period of time following a marriage of short (1 to 7 years) or moderate (8 to 17 years) duration.  Its term may not exceed the length of the marriage and it terminates upon the death of either spouse or upon re-marriage of the person receiving it.  The amount of the award may be modified based upon a substantial change in circumstances; however, the length of the award may only be modified under exceptional circumstances.

Permanent Alimony provides for a spouse’s financial needs as they were established during the marriage for a spouse who lacks the financial ability to meet his or her needs. Permanent alimony is usually awarded following a marriage of long duration (over 17 years), but may be awarded after a marriage of moderate duration if appropriate or following a marriage of short duration under exceptional circumstances. An award of permanent alimony terminates upon the death of either party or upon the re-marriage of the spouse receiving it and may be modified upon a substantial change in circumstances.

Lump Sum Alimony is a one-time payment of a fixed sum of money.

We work closely with our clients to understand their financial needs and analyze the types and amounts of alimony that they may be required to pay or entitled to receive.

If you are facing a divorce, alimony case, or alimony modification in Lakeland or anywhere in Polk County, please contact us online or call us at (863) 825-5309 for a consultation with Lakeland Family Law Attorney Heather Bryan regarding your rights.